With the perfect blend of nerds and pinstripes, we have been able to elate our customers since 2016.

about us

Our Credo

Software like a tailored suit. Our customers do not always get what they want, but always what they need.

Modern technology

The constant further education and the thirst for knowledge of our team helps us to rely on current and proven technologies in order to achieve the best possible result.


We do not just talk about agile processes we live by them. While working with us you do not need a permit A38 only to be able to speak with someone.

The air is burning? Or does anyone just have to rescue the situation?

Make your project our project

Our Services

Whatever we do, we do out of passion and therefore we focus on our core competencies. Outside of those, we have access a strong, diverse network that has grown over the years.

Individual software

Whether a simple website, mobile app or highly complex software to control your robot army. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we turn your ideas into products.


We do not strive to develop a new cryptocurrency, but want to help you find suitable application areas.


We are more than just consultants which drink your coffee and waste your time. Together with you, we actively work on solving your challenges.


Your software deserves a home that is ready for your success. Together with you we will find the perfect hosting for your needs.

Our Team

Not everyone wants to show their face on the internet, which of course we fully understand. Some of us decided to do it anyway.

Damir Holik

Damir Holik

Tim Kolberg

Tim Kolberg


Become part of our Team

Apply today and become part of our nerd brigade. In addition to like-minded people, you can expect free drinks, sweets, fresh fruit and junk food. If you are interested in further education, or joining conferences, you have our full support.
Oh yeah - have we already mentioned the flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home?

Code Rockstar

Code Rockstar

You can handle node.js or PHP in your sleep and maybe even describe yourself as a fullstack developer with experience in vue.js or react? Then you're in the right place with us!

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Initiative application

Initiative application

No suitable job found? No problem. We are always looking for motivated colleagues from all areas.

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Houston, we have a problem

History states that Apollo 13 had to make this request several times until they were heard by the base station. This will not happen when working with us, as our hardware itself could fly to the moon.

Did we make you curious?


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